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Using AI Chatbots to Enhance Customer Support on a CMS-based Website/Store

Customer support plays a big role in any type of business. Support is no less important than product or service at all. It lets the company get client feedback and improve business processes or goods. Also, such communication brings a feeling of satisfaction to customers and could be the reason for increasing loyalty from people. There are more chances that loyal purchasers could come again and again.

As with any business, problems and customer dissatisfaction can arise in the online space. Fast and effective troubleshooting and support give quickly respond to problems, resolve conflicts and eliminate customer dissatisfaction, which can prevent losing clients and save your company’s reputation.

At the same time, your business gets a competitive advantage. Online competition is often very intense, and quality support can be one of the key factors why customers choose your company over competitors. A unique and high level of service helps to stand out in the market and attract more customers.

Rise of AI-powered chatbots for customer service

The development of technologies based on artificial intelligence has also affected customer support in the business. It became possible to create chatbots with AI that can provide support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, it reduces personnel costs and time to provide the necessary response.

Especially, when AI gives responses to frequently asked questions, it saves time for real personnel and they can spend it on more complicated things. At least customers could get the answers in real-time mode. AI chatbots can handle multiple requests at the same time, allowing them to provide instant responses and support to customers, even during peak periods.

Some chatbots may use customer data to provide personalized support and recommendations. Chatbots can ask customers for feedback on service quality, which helps companies understand weaknesses and improve service quality.

However, it is important to note that while AI chatbots can greatly improve customer support, they are not always able to replace human factors. The successful application of AI chatbots in customer support lies in the right balance between automation and operator involvement where it is necessary.

Overview of CMS-based websites/stores


Today, about 43% of all sites in the world are built on WordPress. Approximately, it is 810 million sites. And here there is a trend of constant increasing because this site management system is very simple and versatile to use. Also, anyone can afford it and customize it to their own needs and taste.

WordPress has its application store. And the ability to add new applications created by the users themselves, allows you to correct any problem or deficiency during the operation of the CMS.

In addition, a large database of themes for sites made by WordPress and external developers can satisfy any demanding client. You can browse our website themes which are designed in various styles and suitable for different types of businesses.


Shopify is a web-based business platform that permits organizations and people to make and oversee online stores. It was established in 2006 by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake and has since become one of the most famous and generally involved web-based business arrangements on the planet.

The platform gives an easy-to-use interface that empowers clients to set up and redo their internet-based stores without requiring specialized abilities or coding information. It offers many adaptable formats and subjects, permitting clients to configure outwardly engaging and responsive internet-based stores.

Shopify additionally gives different instruments and highlights to overseeing items, stock, installments, and transportation, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It upholds different installment entryways, making it simple for clients to make secure internet-based exchanges. Furthermore, Shopify offers a built-in blogging platform, analytics, and SEO tools to assist organizations with arriving at their interest group and improving their web-based presence.


Joomla is an open-source CMS that empowers clients to create and administrate sites and online applications. Like Drupal and WordPress, Joomla is one of the most well-known content management system platforms available. It has a huge and growing clientele of designers and developers.

Many different kinds of websites, including corporate sites, online magazines, local and social networking platforms, online business stores, and more, are built with Joomla. Its versatility and extendability make it fitting for both little locales and more incredible web applications. While Joomla looks more beginner-friendly than Drupal, it might in any case have a more extreme expectation to learn and adapt contrasted with a few different CMS choices like WordPress.

Review of Top-Rated AI Chatbots for CMS-Based Websites/Stores

Introduction to AI chatbot solutions

AI chatbots and virtual assistants allow automated communication with customers. Artificial intelligence could give right, certain, and full answers to the user rapidly without disturbing the human manager. Chatbots can learn the preferences and interaction history of users, which allows them to provide more personalized recommendations and solutions.

In any case, it is essential to comprehend that artificial intelligence chatbots could become better and may confront constraints. For instance, they might require help grasping slang, non-standard terms, or complex themes. AI chatbots continue to improve and become more useful in many areas, providing efficient and effective means of communicating with users despite some limitations.

Criteria for evaluating top-rated AI chatbots

The improvement of simulated intelligence chatbots proceeds to advance and cover numerous viewpoints to give a superior and more complete client experience. AI-powered chatbot development can be broadly categorized into a few broad categories.

Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms permit chatbots to all the more likely figure out client settings and expectations and interact with more mind-boggling questions with fewer mistakes. Also, deep learning lets chatbots learn from a lot of data on their own and find patterns to improve their responses and ways of solving problems.

Chatbots are becoming more adept at retaining context and long-term memory, enabling more natural user interactions and continuous conversations. Simultaneously, chatbots are turning out to be more equipped for adjusting to the inclinations and requirements of a specific client, giving customized proposals and reactions. “In God we trust. All others must bring data“ – as W. Edwards said. To gain a deeper comprehension of the context and enhance the quality of responses, chatbots are trained on extensive databases and analyzed a large number of texts.

Review of AI chatbot options for Shopify stores


Chatfuel is Instagram and Facebook Messenger-based chatbot platform that allows users to create and customize chatbots for their businesses without programming. This service is free, but there is a link to “Powered by Chatfuel” on the main menu. To remove this branding you have to pay $30 per month in the basic plan. With increasing users, the price is growing.

Chatfuel is a beginner-friendly service, so you can use it without any special background. The interface consists of blocks so that you can create logic chains of answers without any trouble. At this moment, the service is integrated with ChatGPT, which improved the quality of operations.


Tidio is a service for creating chatbots and online chats, which allows owners of websites and online stores to communicate with visitors in real-time and increase the level of customer service. After installation, users configure the chatbot by defining typical questions and answers that the bot should provide. The chatbot can provide information about products, services, and promotions and answer other frequently asked questions. The chatbot automatically processes questions and provides appropriate answers based on pre-configured data.

When the chatbot cannot answer the user’s question, it hands the conversation off to a human operator who can continue the conversation online in real-time. Administrators might be organization representatives or backing specialists giving further help and guidance.

Octane AI

Octane AI, a chatbot builder, offers an easy-to-use service that lets users create and personalize bots without having to code. Here you can characterize various kinds of messages and answers, the rationale of association with clients, and substantially more.

This program permits you to add different intuitive components to chatbots, like buttons, merry-go-rounds, surveys, tests, and others, which makes collaboration with bots more alluring and advantageous. Octane AI works with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce to automate sales tasks and make it easier to use chatbots in online stores. Additionally, this chatbot developer upholds Facebook Messenger as well as can coordinate with different messengers and channels, for example, SMS, email, and so on.

Review of AI chatbot options for WordPress websites


Tawk.to gives a helpful and simple to-utilize instrument for providing input to site guests and giving continuous client service. This instrument can be helpful for different sorts of destinations and organizations that need an efficient approach to interacting with clients.

Chatbot displays data about site guests, permitting administrators to see information about where clients are coming from, what page they are on, and the way that long they spend on the site. Site proprietors can add a few help administrators, which permits them to disseminate liabilities and guarantee a quicker reaction to guests’ solicitations.


Collect.chat can be a valuable instrument for site proprietors who need to gather data from guests and speak with them through chatbots and intuitive studies. This tool can be used for a variety of things, including surveys, feedback collection, and lead generation.

This plugin upholds many languages, which makes it accessible for use on locales with various points of language for interaction. You can easily transfer the collected data to the necessary platforms thanks to the integration with other platforms and tools like Slack, Google Sheets, MailChimp, Zapier, and others.

Comparison of AI Chatbot Plugins/Apps for Shopify and WordPress

Name of the service Especial Features Price for beginning Trial period
Chatfuel/Shopify – Accessible for WordPress through Zapier;
– Facebook Courier chatbot, low programming abilities required;
– Client service bots that can answer FAQs, gather input, and suggest items;
$14.99/mo Free up to 50 conversations per month
Tidio/Shopify – The widget is compatible with mobile devices running iOS and Android;
– 9 languages;
– Integration with Instagram, Messenger, and Live Chat.
$39/mo 7 days
Octane AI/Shopify – Build quizzes for product recommendation, color matching, fit style finder, and more;
– Create pop-ups that feature quizzes and collect email and SMS opt-ins;
$50/mo 14 days
Tawk.to/WordPress – 27 languages;
– Automated translation(beta);
– In-chat payments (beta);
– Analytics;
– Many more others;
Free Free
Collect.chat/WordPress – Personable conversation flow designed for lead generation;
– Appointment booking with Google Calendar integration;
– Survey collection for visitor feedback;
$24/mo Free up to 50 responses per month

Best Practices for Implementing AI-Powered Chatbots on CMS-Based Websites/Stores

Setting clear goals and objectives

Any chatbot you use should be focused on your business objectives. You can use different chatbots according to your goals and target audience. That is, the site can have a separate chatbot for e-commerce that helps the client choose the necessary products and related products, or a chatbot that helps the client with an already purchased product. For example, regarding after-sales service or repairs.

Artificial intelligence chatbots can make different responses. They should be as relevant as possible, and provide various options for answering customer questions. For this result, you have to train it with relevant knowledge bases.

Customizing chatbot workflows and responses

Prearranging for a chatbot is a significant step that decides how the bot communicates with clients and answers their questions. Scripts that are well-designed contribute to the creation of an intuitive and simple user experience.

Understanding the necessities and inclinations of your main interest group makes more applicable scripts. Determine how a chatbot can best serve your customers by discovering the most frequently asked questions and requests.

Distinguish the principal scripts that your chatbot ought to help. Greeting the user, providing product information, processing orders, providing support, and so on are examples. Divide each script into stages and conversations.

For each content, decide the arrangement of messages that the chatbot submits to the client, and the comparing reactions to the client’s potential request. Make certain to think about the potential choices for the client’s responses and change the bot’s responses as needs be.

Training the chatbot with the relevant knowledge base

Preparing a chatbot on a suitable information base is a key stage in guaranteeing compelling and exact collaboration with clients. The initial step is the assortment of information and data that will act as an information base for the chatbot. This could be information about products, services, frequently asked questions, procedures, or anything else that would be helpful.

Coordinate your information by separating it into classifications and subjects. The chatbot will be able to respond to user requests more quickly and accurately as a result of this. Pick the right learning algorithm for your chatbot. You can use neural networks, natural language processing techniques, tutored or untutored learning methods, and others, depending on the task and type of bot.

Monitoring and analyzing chatbot performance

In the wake of preparing, test the chatbot to ensure that it accurately and precisely answers client demands. Distinguish potential mistakes and irregularities and make appropriate revisions.

Understanding that a chatbot’s training goes on constantly is essential. A chatbot’s ability to communicate with users becomes more accurate and efficient with more data and experience. Continually screen input and further develop the information base to make a helpful and valuable chatbot for your crowd.

Ongoing optimization and updates

A chatbot is not a stationary instrument. As you get new information and input from clients, update the information base, and add new data and scripts so the bot stays applicable and valuable. Make an effort to make the experience of communicating with the bot as natural and human-like as possible, implement new functions, and consider feedback from users.

Wrapping up

Present-day chatbots in light of man-made consciousness are amazing assets in the field of E-commerce and make life more straightforward for proprietors of e-stores as well as for clients. Because of the execution of this innovation, a business can diminish its expenses for the compensation of call-focus administrators or client care because of the enhancement of the number of employees.

Chatbots can work nonstop without breaks, occasions, or days off. They are able to respond quickly to requests and provide continuous customer service because of this.

The use of chatbots is becoming more and more popular in modern business, and their advantages in the field of customer service and process automation make them a valuable tool for improving the company’s work and increasing the level of service.

FAQ Using AI-Powered Chatbots to Enhance Customer Support on a CMS-based Website/Store

What are AI-powered chatbots?

Chatbots with artificial intelligence (AI-chatbots) are software applications that use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to communicate with people through a chat interface. They are designed to emulate human conversations and provide real-time answers to user questions.

How much does a chatbot cost to use?

You could find some free chatbots or offerings with a trial period. On average the pricing is about several dozen dollars. It all depends on the options in the a[[lication and your business needs.

What is the best free chatbot online for WordPress?

There are many solutions for online chatbots on WP. But possibly the best app is Tawk.to, compare the number of functions and the price. At this moment it is free.

What are the main principles of chatbot writing?

In this article, we find out the basic rules of chatbot writing. There are based on your business objectives, target audience, and relevant scripts. For more information read the text.

Using AI Chatbots to Enhance Customer Support on a CMS-based Website/Store