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6 Time-Saving Apps for Online Shop Owners

Working smarter, not harder, is a well-known concept, but how can we put it into practice? If you’re seeking ways to save time and enhance your productivity, there are certain applications that can be of great assistance. Personally, I employ each of these apps on a daily basis and they have undoubtedly saved me countless hours.

Firstly, TextExpander has proven to be an invaluable tool in terms of minimizing the time spent on writing emails. With this app, it is possible to assign abbreviated words or phrases which automatically expand into full sentences or paragraphs. The potential applications of TextExpander are extensive, ranging from responding to frequently asked customer questions to composing common emails in a matter of seconds. Additionally, one can even create customized email signatures for different clientele, such as design clients and Creative Market customers.

Next, let us consider CloudApp. This application simplifies the process of swiftly sending small to medium-sized files. By simply dragging the files from your desktop to the icon located on the menu bar, CloudApp promptly uploads the content and provides a link that can be easily shared. Personally, I have found CloudApp to be particularly convenient when distributing complimentary gifts or updates to customers. Gone are the days of having to upload files to the cloud and then send a link separately; now, all it takes is a drag and a paste into the Creative Market message.

Evernote is another indispensable app that is challenging to define in a few words. It serves as a comprehensive and user-friendly work environment, allowing users to write, collect various forms of media, and create presentations. Moreover, it seamlessly operates on all devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. In terms of practical usage, I particularly enjoy utilizing Evernote to develop idea files. By organizing images taken on my iPhone or gathered from the web into well-structured folders, I can effortlessly refer back to them for inspiration. Additionally, I have recently begun utilizing Evernote to organize entire products, incorporating product descriptions, preview images, mood boards, tutorial videos, and more. Lastly, Evernote has proven to be an absolute godsend when it comes to managing business paperwork. By utilizing my iPhone to scan receipts and tax documents, I am able to send them to Evernote within a mere 10 minutes. From there, I can easily share the digital file with my accountant, streamlining the process to a significant extent.

Finally, let us explore the merits of RescueTime. Have you ever found yourself wondering where all your time went after dedicating an entire day to a project? This is where RescueTime steps in. This powerful app not only tracks your time but also helps enhance your overall productivity. It meticulously monitors your activities, providing insight into how you spend your time and offering suggestions for improvement. By utilizing RescueTime, one can identify and rectify unproductive habits, ultimately maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.